Schools in Thailand

Why or why not would you like to go to a school in Thailand?

We learned some aspects about schools in Thailand in our lessons.

Some students would like to share their opinions about them. Here they are:

Juan Pablo: I would like taking off my shoes and cleaning the classroom.

Luciano: I would like walking in socks all day at school and I like the tropical weather.

Emiliano: I like the sports club, but I don`t like taking off my shoes.

Gerónimo D. S. : I like walking barefoot and I would like playing basketball at break time.

Josefina: I don`t want to have short hair and girls must wear short hair at school.

Isabella: I wouldn`t like to go to a school in Thailand because I must have very short hair.

Gerónimo O.: I would like to enjoy the chess club, it would be interesting,

Mateo: I would like to play at breaktime in that big playground with lots of children.

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